Joel was plugging his big gig last week, but a funny thing happened on the way to the Fox Theater – he was fired on the day of the show by headliner Roseanne Barr. The reason given? This podcast! Joel and Corey Hall recount what they said about Roseanne on previous shows, which was as fair as anything in mainstream media, and wonder if the ridiculous image of Trump on an older show is what got him fired. It’s a ridiculous story about show business, media and the culture war of 2019 and yeah, it’s personal now. Joining in the Roseanne hate is comedian Dave Landau who was removed not once, but twice from NBC’s Last Comic Standing because Roseanne has a thin skin. Dave calls in to tell his tale and gives updates on his rising career. Plus, Corey works with The Amazing Johnathan, All in The Family goes live, the last Game of Thrones puts Jon Snow in rehab, Barry is still great, and is Booksmart is just a woke version of Blockers or is Joel out of touch?

Dave Landau, Roseanne Barr and Joel. One of them looks completely insane