It’s time for the annual review of the best and worst movies of last year. Joel saw all the Oscar-nominated films (except the ones that nobody can see), and did his very best to put together his list. Corey also saw a ton of movies, but his more cavalier approach led to a major oversight in his best-of list, even though the guys surprisingly agreed on what was the year’s very best film. Hear what the best dramas, comedies, animated films and documentaries were, find out the one movie all year that made Joel cry, and why so many movies on the lists were not even released traditionally in theaters. There’s also the worst movies, which include a few Oscar-nom acting performances, the much talked about The Interview, and the perennial appearance of an Adam Sandler movie. If you are looking for some good movies to watch, then this is the show for you. Brought to you by two guys who felt Interstellar was too long, and yet talked for three hours about The Babadook. Enjoy!



As this collage demonstrates, 2014 was a weird year at the cinema