It’s that time of year for scary things. And this podcast is plenty scary. Paranormal investigator John E.L Tenney, Joins Joel and Corey and speaks on things we don’t know, like if Bigfoot exists, the unseen particles that bind the universe together, and why Jay Leno appeared on Good Times. The guys also discuss the state of stand-up comedy and why new comics try risky bits that couldn’t possibly work. Joel thinks that there’s an attempt to achieve “brilliance” like Louis C.K. or Patton Oswalt, at the expense of getting laughs. Also the definition of a “comedian” comes into play – is Joel a comedian who hosts a podcast or a podcaster that does stand-up comedy? Is Joel even funny? Listen and find out. Also, what’s wrong with daytime TV, from Katie Couric’s digital blur to Dr. Oz feeling up housewives, the guys look at what’s good (nothing) and bad (everything) on the boob tube and hear Joel’s theory as how the Today Show lost out to Good Morning America. Plus, Corey hates Bad Grandpa, the rules of Halloween costumes, and Arsenio Hall’s new show is as good as you remember – that is it isn’t at all.



Sorry “Jonn”, you always dreamed of your name in lights – so keep dreaming