Joel proudly welcomes 20-year-old comedy sensation Sam Silverstein to the podcast. Sam was one of Joel’s comedy students and the two remember Sams’s first night at the Comedy Castle – a weird performance at a Jewish fundraiser – and chronicle his rise from a high-schooler on the open mikes, to his own charity fundraisers, to a paid booking at the same club he debuted at next year. Sam’s a great example of hard-working rising talent in comedy and there’s a lot of good advice for anyone in the same position on this show. Also, Joel’s weight-loss hits an important milestone. Hear the details of the diet, the pros and cons of exercise, and why the BMI chart is bullshit but Joel’s using it anyway. Plus, Joel’s new radio gig, a gigantic rundown of TV and movies including The Arrival, Westworld, a documentary that will make you cry, Woody Allen’s attempt at episodic televison, and where to see the wold’s hottest actress naked.



Sam is so happy on stage at The Comedy Castle