Joel and Corey go back-to-back weeks for the first time in quite a while. And for no good reason either, as the guys sample the latest movie reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. While Corey is listed over there, what’s more interesting is the critics that don’t get with the critical mass, and the one guy who publishes his reviews on CompuServe. That’s right, CompuServe. If you can’t remember 1995, then fire up the Compuserve homepage, and take a trip back to the Clinton administration. Also, Joel is up sick and rediscovers the genius of D.C. Cab, and its star Charlie Barnett. That’s another time traveling trip – right back to 1983! Gary Busey! Bill Maher! Mr. T! Paul Rodriguez! Marsha Warfield! Irene Cara! Whitman Mayo! Awesome! Plus, The Change-Up makes a tired premise more tired, Rise of the Planet of the Apes sinks, Cowboys and Aliens coasts, and Joel will take Christina Applegate’s leftovers.

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Charlie Barnett does his thing in Washington Square Park. Very funny. Dated, but funny.