After doing a bang up job recapping the best movies of 2015 last show, Joel and Corey Hall have their review of Hollywood’s official movie show – The Academy Awards 2016. Unfortunately, the show was a joyless mess of preachy speeches and liberal guilt. While the guys love Chris Rock, his one-note “it’s all white people!” shtick got old quick and ultimately didn’t have its desired effect. The were also speeches about global warming, gay rights, date rape and a Kevin Hart speech that was basically Chris Rock without the jokes. Even though they largely got the winners right, the show had the tone of a funeral and not a celebration – a giant waste of time for both the participants and the viewers. In happier news, Joel has a serendipitous run in with the E Street Band in Cleveland, much to Corey’s dismay. Hear how Joel’s love of The Beatles and Bruce Springsteen collided in front of Ringo’s drum kit. Also, there’s a glut of new TV shows both on cable and streaming. Hear the guys’ reviews of 11.22.63 on Hulu, Love on Netflix, Vinyl on HBO, and the very best of all: American Crime Story: The People vs OJ Simpson on FX. Plus, the return of old favorites HBO’s Girls and Togetherness and how the latter show has an important lesson we should learn about relationships, according to Joel. All this and a special message to superfan Cam from Yellowknife – get well, buddy.



The best actors celebrate their whiteness backstage at the Oscars 2016