Comedian Ted Moss returns to tell of his recent audition for America’s Got Talent. While Joel explains that reality TV show auditions aren’t all they are cracked up to be, Ted says that his went well. Hear all the details of how it’s not like what you see on TV and how many jugglers were practicing in the waiting room. Joel and Ted also talk lots of comedy including Joel’s recent experience at open mike. Find out why one guy wouldn’t laugh when everyone else did, and why a comedian shouldn’t get upset about it. The guys also clash over the notion that new comedians have a “blueprint” of who they’d like to be in the business. Joel says almost everyone does, while Ted (unbelievably) thinks that’s idiotic. Also, Joel, Ted and some friends tried an escape room. did they escape? Find out who was helpful and who wasn’t and hear Ted’s criticisms of the particular escape room they attempted. Plus, Joel thinks he found the funniest show ever on Amazon Prime, Ted watches new specials from Joe Rogan and Adam Sandler, and Joel’s full guide to why comedy contests are the worst.


A single frame from HITOSHI MATSUMOTO Presents Documental on Amazon. So funny!