Paranormal investigator John E.L. Tenney has investigated many things that remain unknown. Like why Corey and Joel can’t keep on topic. This episode is exhibit A in the elusive and rarely recorded podcasters-babblling-on-about-nothing phenomenon – but it’s a fun one! John joins the guys to look into the mysteries of Marc Maron’s new IFC series, Maron, and what the possibilities would be for the series Fragomeni or the more likely hilarious Tenney, the adventures a middle-aged ghost hunter. The also break down Inside Amy Schumer and the awesome Ginger Baker documentary Beware of Mr. Baker. Most of the show’s vitriol, however is saved for Room 237, a glorified YouTube documentary about Stanley Kubrick’s film The Shining. Joel especially hates this conspiratorial bullshit, and despite recently speaking at the Stanley Hotel, John denies that his bullshit in no way overlaps with the bullshit in the film. Also, Joel loves obscure comedian Fred Stoller, high school reunions are for suckers, and John’s ex-girlfriends are coming to an art gallery near you.