Joel Radio welcomes back comedian Derek Richards who was recently mentioned by Joel as one of the funniest comedians offstage. He lives up to that billing on this show, sharing hilarious road stories, tales of really bad gigs, descriptions of life in Florida and Las Vegas and much more. Corey Hall had some bad gigs too, including some small-town excuses for low turnout that you won’t believe. It’s been almost thirteen years since Derek joined us on the show, and it was long overdue! Also, the guys review The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling on HBO, a overly-long, but wonderful portrait of a comedic genius. Plus, HBO’s Barry is worth a look, Joel and Corey drop some quarters into Ready Player One, Corey goes to the Isle of Dogs and much more stupidity.


This a composite photo, as Derek may not be that happy to see the smelt