It’s the big Joel Radio post-Super Bowl extravaganza, which is made slightly less super by the game being not so great (until the finish), the commercials sucking, and Madonna making the terrorists hate us even more. Still, Joel and Corey have you covered for discussion of Bud Light Platinum, the joy of punting, M.I.A. is an asshole and why Godaddy can’t seemingly find a hot chick for the commercial. Find out if the guys endorse Met Life’s cartoon character sizing, discuss the bad example Doritos sets (for rednecks), and get the whole history of half-time shows from the truly awful to the pretty good to the pretty bad. Plus, Joel is on a “Who kick” so listen for what was The Who’s greatest performance ever, and while the both love The Beatles, how Corey was more of a Beach Boys guy. Also, Trump becomes Captain Obvious by endorsing Romney, The Rock’s movie career dissected, Joel’s embarrassing commercial opportunity, and Ray Stevens – coming to a jerkwater berg near you.

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