Corey and Joel are proud to have comedian Russ Brown back as a guest. Russ’ latest endeavor, however, has left the guys amused, confused and doubting his sanity. Turns out married father of three, Russ, took a civilian contractor job – in Iraq! So for 1-year, it’s no more Midwest one-nighter gigs and instead hot, sandy days changing carburetors in the middle of 100+ degree Bagdad heat. How did he pull this one over on his wife? Listen to find out. Also, Joel gets Fantasy Football revenge, Googling our namesakes, and another comic’s legend grows large. Plus, while Russ shoveled dog crap and Joel got hit with golf balls for a living, Corey had the worst job ever (according to him) – coffee barista – let the ball-busting begin!
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Russ looks on as Corey eyeballs, but cannot eat, the brownie