The first podcast of 2019 starts like the others – Corey Hall is late! Special guest comedian Bill Hildebrandt and Joel speculate as to why, creating the “Corey Hall is Late Bingo” game. Corey shows up after a few minutes, though. His reason? Listen to find out. And it’s a fun show, too, as the guys talk comedy on New Year’s Eve, why it’s not always a great show, how Tiffany Haddish and Louis CK had infamous NYE shows this year. There are wild, diverse opinions on the topic and Joel reads some online reaction, too, from friends an celebrities alike. Also, celebrities are dying already in 2019 including, legendary pro wrestling interviewer “Mean” Gene Okerlund, and comedy legend Bob Einstein. Plus, another take on the “Gallagher story”, Bird Box made the world go crazy even though it sucks, Joel says there are awesome documentaries on Hulu, and who thought Vice might be the best movie of 2018.

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Poor excuses not pictured!