The summer movie season brings some highly anticipated releases. For Joel, one was This Is The End with Seth Rogen and the Judd Apatow comedy all stars, and for Corey the Superman reboot, Man of Steel was on his shortlist. Well, both guys are disappointed as neither film lived up to their respective hypes, and that’s the focus of this week’s Joel Radio. Joel Thinks This Is The End and has a soft middle (just like him!), while Corey finds the super-human fistfights exhausting – and they’re both too long. A better watch is Showtime’s Richard Pryor: Omit The Logic, an eye opening look the the comedy legend, and Corey recommends Twenty Feet From Stardom, a doc about professional back-up singers who almost made it. Plus, Joel has two big announcements, the first involves his favorite band reuniting, and the second is even less dramatic, at least according to Corey, who reads Joel’s secret message and decides it’s not even worthy of mention, despite Joel’s protests. What the heck was it? Stay tuned! Joel Radio ends on cliffhanger!