It’s a big week for movie lists as Joel and movie critic Corey Hall give you their lists of “Movies That People Like, That Actually Suck”. It’s quite a couple of lists, too. Oscar winning Best Pictures, legendary directors, Pixar – no one’s safe! It’s a wild and controversial discussion, so thank God the guys have the legendary director “Marty Scorcese” to weigh in on lists, too! This “Marty” is hilarious! Also, the guys get iced out of a free football game, Corey won’t watch The Walking Dead, iPads are are for assholes and one of Joel’s most satisfying bits ever – removing an annoying “friend” from his Facebook profile. After too many status updates, someone has to go – find out if it’s you!
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Former movie star Zach Braff. He made Garden State. Garden State sucked.