The agenda wasn’t that long for this week’s Joel Radio. Joel and Corey thought the shooting in Aurora, Colorado would be the main focus of the show – and they did get to it eventually – but there was too much other, funnier nonsense going on. Like the couple, who Joel and Corey both know well, who posted simultaneous Facebook status updates declaring themselves “single”. Who does that? Was an airplane banner over New York City too subtle? The guys try and figure out if the whole thing is a “work” (IE fake), or if their just a couple of wannabe celebrity drama queens. Also, Chuck E. Cheese vs Showbiz Pizza in a battle of old-school money sucks from childhood. Corey knows way too much about the Showbiz Pizza band and Joel explains why Chuck E’s not the place it used to be. Plus, the Dark Knight Rises to varying opinions from the hosts, Corey’s Bachelor party is still a secret but it won’t have coordinated shirts, RIP George Jefferson, mandatory L.A. time for America’s gays, and the guys lay down a new assignment for the fans –  the Frank Zappa challenge.


If you were born in the 70s, this was a lot of fun….