This week, Joel has his results in a no-kidding, completely serious investigation to the identity of super-secretive graffiti artist Banksy. Yes, there was an article recently about how Banksy may be a member of Massive Attack, but Joel has taken that line of thinking even farther, finding oodles of evidence in the form of audio clips, photographs, internet videos and geographic and historical timelines that he believes confirms Banksy’s real identity once and for all. Corey Hall sits in this week, and while generally dismissive of most of Joel’s efforts, even he is impressed with the detective work shown here. The Banksy stuff is the last half hour or so of the show, and we’re not sure that the work Joel has put in here won’t get the world talking. Also, the numbers get crunched on sex at the Olympics, while nerds continue to claim that comic book conventions are now orgies. Plus, Gene Wilder fondly remembered, Joel’s public access TV interview airs (send him feedback!), Anthony Wiener and the bizarre/incredible documentary about him, Corey finishes Stranger Things, and, for the love of god, please stop talking about limited edition Oreos.



This image is just one of piece of the Banksy/Del Naja connection that Joel has put together


The above image demonstrates the Blur/Banksy/Del Naja/2003 connection as described on the show – click the image for the full version