What did you do for fun this Labor Day weekend? Corey Hall braved the huddled masses and saw and aging B-52s at a free festival, while Joel took a high-dollar option to watch an aging U2. Corey describes the horror of middle America searching for some free fun, while Joel thinks U2 was good a enough show with a solid opening act – Beck! – that made the $100+ price tag worth it. The guys also get an expert opinion on U2 from comedian Tom McCarthy who had seen the tour before and yet still couldn’t figure out what Patti Smith was doing on stage, either. Also, a Charlotesville racist does horrible stand-up, Joel talks The Strokes on a podcast, Aaron Rodgers gets a big, gay mustache and goodbye to Jay Thomas and Shelly Berman. Plus, the state of big franchise movie universes, the future of Star Wars, and the one big monster movie you really should see.


U2’s impressive stage was Patti Smith-free at this moment