It’s been a long time and a lot has happened to our intrepid podcasters since the last show. Corey got married and jetted over to Europe for the honeymoon, where he and his new bride indulged in sightseeing, museum touring and french fry eating. Joel, meanwhile, took his prize to see Bruce Springsteen in Chicago at Wrigley Field. Again, a fine trip, with the exception of the pouring rain during the show, the sea of humanity on the Red Line train and the ass-rape prices for everything including a near $100 trip to the aquarium. Hear about Corey making jam for the wedding guests, why he almost missed his flight, and why Amsterdam’s red-light district didn’t entertain the missus. While Joel’s GF enjoyed the concert, especially the special guests, but not Eddie Vedder as much as that “other guy” whom she never heard of. Plus, it’s a historic candy crossover at Costco, the real difference between Snickers and Milky Way (it’s not just peanuts!), and Corey’s pessimism about the new TV season is summed up in one new show.



Corey brings a bit of America to France……….

…….while Joel takes THAT picture in front of Wrigley Field………………. 

…….to watch Bruce do this! Awesome!!!!!!