It only took 10 years or so, but comedian Jim McLean made it back to the Joel Radio studios to guest co-host on this week’s show. And he didn’t come empty handed, as Jim brought his electric guitar and amp for some musical accompaniment. Joel and Jim end up collaborating on a bluesy jam which is probably every bit as great as you’re thinking it is (it’s not). Jim also shares stories of rock and roll gigs past, how a legendary rock guitarist befriended him as a young man, and some sure-fire ways to get backstage a concert from two guys with lots of experience at it. Plus, Joel’s ┬áconcert history starting with a legendary lightweight act in the 70’s through an embarrassing 80s show with his mom, to leather jackets and mosh pits in the 90s. Plus, comedians’ head shots have changed, building decks for comedy gigs and how the show’s chip tune theme songs can’t be replicated on guitar. Turn it up, man! This is a fun 90+ minutes with Jim.



Jim, his treasured Stratocaster and his now more treasured old headshot of Joel