It’s Corey and Joel live (almost) from The Detroit International Comedy Festival 2009 at Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle in Royal Oak, MI. This being the “Best of the East Coast” night the guys have lots of new comedians and friends to chat with, and some old friends, too. Actor Matt Servitto, a Detroit native and Sopranos co-star stops by to chat about his time on “the show”, reminisce about the old neighborhood and tells Joel to never, ever wear Mardi Gras beads again. A real Italian should know better, right? There’s lots of laughs with the comics, too, as DC’s Clay Miles talks fast-food with Corey; Jason Marcus exposes rental car rip-offs and web-porn gross-outs; Peter Bowers brings an English flair, but says the Beatles weren’t funny; Selena Coppock hates improv (yea!); Steve Macone may or may not have a website; The Showoff Show juggles headbands, chainsaws and early-morning flights; and NYC’s JL Cauvin justs wants you to come see him at Caroline’s. There’s some Detroit flavor, too, as Martin Butler triumphs at a recent show, Ben Konstantin prepares to rock the festival again and Steve Bills refuses to let stand-up cut into his eBay time.
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Matt Servitto with the guys – notice no beads on Joel
Selena Coppack in a Joel & Corey sandwich
One more porn story and Jason Marcus gets it
The Showoff Show guys rock the juicebox