It’s a comedy-heavy podcast, and we’re not referring to the weight of the hosts, as Corey and Joel sit down to discuss the return of Last Comic Standing to TV and the treatment of comedians on NBC’s other talent competition America’s Got Talent. Turns out the guys have a good friend who received fair treatment on LCS, but otherwise the show seemed a mish-mash of bad edits, questionable judging and low production values, reminding the guys why they hated the show since the beginning. Joel even pulls up a the past seasons’ results to show how the show has passed up big talents and proclaimed nobodys to be America’s next big comedy star only to have their careers fall flat. And AGT isn’t much better, but at least the always funny Dan Naturman was able to prove himself on the debut episode, even if the producers wanted you to think he would fail. Speaking of failing, TBS cancels The Pete Holmes Show while renewing Conan an example of how cruel network politics can really be. And in future comedy/fail news, Joel gets booked to open for an indie rock icon and is already feeling the flop sweat forming, and Corey gives his best advice on opening for rock bands – one of comedy’s toughest and potentially most humiliating gigs. Also, black celebrities are the greatest celebrities of them all, kindergartners shouldn’t graduate, old jokes aren’t always the best ones, and Keenan Ivory Wayans sends Corey into a hilarious multi-state rant that has nothing to do with the LCS judge. Plus, summer movie mania continues with a review of the new X-Men movie, Joel’s thoughts on Godzilla, and A Million Ways To Die In The West proving that you can’t die from not being funny.



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