There’s a full plate of nonsense on this episode, highlighted by a Joel Radio investigation into the recent hip-hop feud between Rick Ross and Detroit’s own Trick-Trick. Since Joel and Corey can’t make any sense of what went down, the call in the help of the help of their friends in the hip hop community. And since those guys don’t answer they end up calling their old sports reporter buddy Chill who is amazingly helpful considering he’s from the mean streets of Westland. The whole thing strikes the guys as ridiculous, but not before Joel starts claiming turf in the comedy scene and adopting his own rap moniker – Joke-Joke. Also, the guys get World Cup fever but that will clear up, Gilbert Gottfried gets a podcast but Joel can’t take it, and The Transformers get a new movie and Corey can’t stand that either. Plus, Joel explains the story of “The Beatle Who Vanished” including a musical trip back to the ’60s before the guys get nostalgic for their own youth and tell the sure-fire way to tell the difference between the ’90s music that was great and ’90s music that sucked.



Trick-Trick chills in the studio with his favorite website