Joel returns after a six day sabbatical to The Gathering of the Juggalos in southern Illinois. As usual, Joel’s blown his voice out and feels like crap, but at least he’s full of good stories. This year Joel (well Upchuck), got to work with all-time pro wrestling legend Roddy Piper, and the legendarily ridiculous Iron Sheik. Find out how Piper’s appearance nearly didn’t happen and why Joel was a little bit scared of the Hot Rod. Also, hear how Sheik was exactly as you’d think he would be and why he’s the greatest of all-time – because he said so. Joel also hangs with Stern show star Beetlejuice, and while he loved the little guy, Steve Brewer was a little freaked out. Also, goodbye Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes, Corey takes on The Clone Wars and Tropic Thunder, YouTube controversy and the Mole lives up to its billing, mostly.
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Upchuck (Joel) meets Piper
The Sheik stopped talking long enough to take this one
Beetlejuice explains it all to Jason Benci