Tiger Woods should have listened to this show. If he did, he might not have been caught with the various bimbos who have found their way to the press. He also might not have crashed his car into three different things, or end up paying his wife millions of dollars in a divorce. In this week’s guide to cheating successfully, Joel is aided by comedian Harry Artin, whose current break-up involves Facebook pages, cell phone aliases, and the mysterious K-Dog. Hear Tiger’s desperate voice mail for his booty call, and find out Joel’s fool-proof plan of how not to get caught (not that he’d ever do such a thing). Also, White House gate-crashers make Joel sick, Harry meets Ron Jeremy but brings a puppet, and all the details on Joel’s big comedy show. Plus, it’s YouTube-mania with a flu-shot victim, a horrible air guitarist, a snake eating a chick, and Tha Jacker!
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