The folks at Gawker should be loving Joel Radio right about now. At least the one asshole over there who challenged Jerry Seinfeld about diversity in comedy, as Joel Radio is proud to bring you two female comedians on one big show. Joel and Corey along with guests Lauren Uchalik and Samantha Rager discuss why Seinfeld is right about comedy not necessarily needing diversity and why being funny is (usually) enough. You’ll also hear the girls’ ridiculous stories about being a woman in comedy, including free motel rooms for open mike spots, late night Scrabble invites from pervs and in-boxes overflowing with poetry from strangers. The guys also share the worst story they’ve ever heard about a horn-dog comic that involves a long road trip and one bed for the headliner and opening, female, performer. Also, this year’s Super Bowl was the worst ever, Jay Leno is leaving but things are gonna get worse (says Joel), and is the Jeopardy! champ a fink or a genius, the panel debates. Plus, superfan Cam sends “disgusting” and “weird” foreign candy bars to the panel that end up being neither disgusting or weird and Joel makes a big announcement about a fun future project for Joel Radio.



Lauren and Sam give this show two thumbs up