It’s been a very long time since comedian Bill Bushart joined the show, but it was worth the wait as he joins Joel and Corey for a 100+ minutes of yuks. Topic #1 is a discussion of the current state of stand-up comedy, how it’s changed over the years, and the guys’ advice for new comics. Joel tells you how to bomb with grace (or Grace), Bill talks the art of teaching comedy, and Corey regrets never cashing in on an open mike windfall. Also, the guys also attempt to tell road sex stories, only to figure out all the good stories happened to someone else. But, however, you’ll find out who’s done what (and where) in their private lives, like who was in the nun’s bed, who got their parent’s approval for a girlfriend sleep over, and what awful things were going on at the bagel shop. Plus, why you should always take a girl to the strip club, a Facebook stalker gone public, and why Joel can’t wait for Bill to throw another party.


Bill Bushart

Bill Bushart is such a good stand-up, he squats sometimes