Is comedy having a new boom? According to a recent article, comedy’s future will be performed in the back of a comic book store, to other comedians, and without punch lines – hooray! Actually, Joel is pretty troubled by the recent alt-comedy scene, feeling that so much of it’s charming qualities will fail to transfer to a bigger stage and that audiences will ultimately expect a standard of professionalism once the “boom” translates into people paying top-dollar for their entertainment. Corey seems more optimistic about this new future as podcasts (!) are seen as the new, best way of comedians promoting themselves. Either way, this show has some rock-solid advice for aspiring comedy superstars and a look into the future of comedy and why it may end up looking more like comedy’s past than most people realize. Also, the internet goes crazy for movie trailers as the guys look at the upcoming offerings from Star Wars, The Terminator, Jurassic World, and Batman vs Superman. Plus, Joel goes to Florida and has the scars to prove it, Corey is bored by Sinatra, a new voice says Jimmy Fallon sucks, and does Yahoo! have TV’s best new comedy show?



The face of comedy’s future could be this nerd (actually not THIS nerd, but one like him)