So much has been said over the years on this show about how modern TV fails to create new comedy stars, but there’s no better example of this than this past week’s America’s Got Talent. AGT trotted out a vocally challenged comedian with a hard luck story who won over the hearts of the judges and gave him a valuable pass to the later rounds. The syrupy performance can be heard here on the show (or seen here) and while the guy clearly gets some laughs, Joel feels it’s worth a $50 emcee gig more than a million dollar prize. These guys know what they’re talking about too, as addition to Corey Hall, this week Joel is joined by veteran comedian Mark Sweetman who remembers the old days before comedy clubs, which leads a discussion as to how Detroit has changed over the years, where it’s going, and Joel’s prediction about the future scandal that will inevitably set back the city even more. Also, Louis C.K. bombs and might be  pervert, a final goodbye to David Letterman, and Tom Waits is really good – but not great. Plus, Jimmie Walker holds court, the guys dig Lena Dunham in her underwear, and Mad Max is pretty darn great, too.



No offense to the guy – but this was the most annoying thing ever