joel Radio has the biggest stories covered: The Letterman retirement, The Avengers in theaters and Joel stranded in Pittsburgh. Actually this show is all over the place, talking a million things like why you should see The Illusionists, why you should see or not see Avengers, why Other Space has become Joel’s favorite show and tons more. Joel’s travel tales are particularly sad, describing his penchant for out-of-town fast food and a trip to the “Magic Capital of the World” – which meant a trip to the graveyard. Also, Corey can’t get enough of Daredevil on Netflix, the Kurt Cobain documentary is a bummer, and The Iron Shiek documentary is exactly what Joel expected it to be. Hear Joel’s inside story of being Iron Sheik’s hype man for a night and why it won’t go down in the annals of great comedy shows – ¬†or even mediocre ones.



Joel at Blackstone’s grave in Colon, Michigan is one of the great travel photos of all-time