There’s been a lot of eulogies of famous celebrities on the podcast this year – David Bowie, George Martin, Prince – but it’s time to do another, as Joel and Corey Hall remember one of the greatest fighters and most entertaining sports stars ever, Muhammad Ali. They reminisce about his comic book appearances, his pro wrestling-style interviews and his various attempts to act and sing. Find out about the many great Ali documentaries and why you should avoid the Will Smith-starred biopic. Also, a 6-year-old comedian makes for an adorable hack on America’s Got Talent, Melissa McCarthy’s The Boss is one of the worst movies of the year, and find out the one cheap piece of tech that will make your podcast listening that much better. Plus, as predicted, the Chewbacca mask mom cashes in, the new Top Gear gets reviewed, Mama June hits the strip club circuit, and the not only the best fighter ever, but one of the worst died, too – RIP Kimbo Slice. Hear about his  last fight – probably the worst MMA fight of all time.



The Greatest gives a punch to, erm, the greatest in 1964