It’s always sad when a fellow comedian dies – unless that comedian was such a dick to you that you’re just happy he can’t treat anyone else that way. That’s Joel’s situation, as the one headliner who was a complete jerk to him in the early days has passed away. Joel has nothing nice to say about the guy, but he insists to Corey it’s the only guy he feels that way about (or maybe one more). Hear Joel’s decade-plus old story, his reasoning for holding a grudge all these years, and why Corey and Joel worry they might be felt of the same way when they die. In happier death news, if that’s possible, Beatles producer George Martin passed away and Joel has an audio retrospective of his work including lots of famous non-Beatles stuff. A lovely tribute to a wonderful guy. Also, the HBO series Togetherness comes to Detroit and the guys tell you what they got right and wrong in the episode. Plus, Joel gets interviewed about the show, Cannonball Run II was glorious mess, and Girls loses a girl (fan).



His funeral is probably too long, not funny and full of hack material