With last week’s announcement of a Cannonball Run reboot, Joel has made it his goal to re-cast the reboot, making a giant list of potential new-millennium stars to be the teams racing cross-country. This includes some modern-day comedy teams and other stars across all demographics, including who would play Burt Reynolds’ son in the film – a knockout sure-fire pick that should get Joel hired by the film any day now. Corey Hall has some good ideas too, including the hilarious suggestion of a team driving a dumptruck. You gotta listen to find out who! The guys are joined in all this merriment by frequent guest, John Tenney who shares his behind-the-scenes stories from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice on which he worked as an extra. You’ll also get a spoiler-filled review of the film from all three hosts, but don’t worry, it’s at the end of the show. Also, a look back at comedy great Garry Shandling, the “Cousin Oliver Syndrome” on TV shows explained, and find out which nostalgia act has Tenney jonesing for a summer concert. Plus, old funny fat man Jon Lovitz gets a hot young girlfriend so there’s hope for all of us – unless it’s a joke, and it looks like it is.



Joel, Corey and Tenney would gladly take over these roles in the reboot of Cannonball Run