It’s a grab bag of topics from various Monkees line-ups to comedy shows gone wrong on this week’s Joel Radio. Corey Hall and Joel review Richard Pryor’s son Mason’s attempt at comedy on TV and why it went wrong. Was it the material, the legacy, or just a bad impression of his dad that sunk him? Another comic who had trouble this week was Hannibal Buress, who was kicked off-stage at a Catholic university. The guys discuss their experiences with censorship in comedy, why colleges aren’t a great place for comedians, and who is really at fault in this situation. Also, Christian movies are all the rage in Hollywood, and since they hadn’t heard of their latest hit, Joel and Corey listen to the song that inspired it and wonder why anyone of any faith could have such bad taste in music. Plus, Beyonce and Jay-Z charge $2000 for tickets, Joel gets a Pro Wrestling Crate, another look at Black Panther, Coco and why Pixar is overrated, the making of the Last Jedi shows it going horribly wrong, and Annihilation is smart, good sci-fi that needs an audience.


Mason Pryor. He looks like his Dad, anyway.