Comedian Jeff Horste joins Joel and Corey Hall on this show to discuss his move to L.A., working with Kevin Hart, going viral on the internet, and if he’s attending Nipsey Hussle’s funeral. The guys look back at Jeff’s comedy career start at Club Bart and the unique way Joel (the host) encouraged comics to get off the stage – no lights necessary. Also, Joel does New York City, seeing Adam Driver on Broadway, watching pro wrestling at Madison Square Garden, and seeing a unique and wonderful magic show. Find if Star Wars co-stars Driver and Keri Russell got naked on stage and find out which one inadvertently spit on Joel! Plus, who sat where on the Match Game, Corey likes Shazam, The Inventor documentary is weird (as is the lady!) and Joel produces a new podcast.

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Kevin Hart talking to Jeff Horste. It was a short interview!