Men and women are different. It’s a comedy premise as old as time. That doesn’t stop Joel and Corey Hall from discussing how when it comes to breakfast, men are the superior gender with Count Choculas and Sugar Crisps besting Kashi and Puffins any day of the week. Of course, this topic was brought on by a new experimental Oreo flavor, Birthday Cake, which is an apt description because women would only publicly eat a tiny bit of these cookies publicly, before consuming the rest of them in private. Actually they’re pretty bad for either gender and neither of the guys feels like consuming too many. Also, hear how about Joel’s terrifying studio infestation and how he dealt with it, a Gathering of the Juggalos recap that involves some famous comics a lot of weed, and fallen pro wrestling hero who needs your help. Plus, Werner Herzog makes some great documentaries and Joel’s recommendation makes the famous director’s voice appear magically throughout the rest of the show.




This should be an easy decision – for dudes