Even though it stated more than halfway through the show, all anyone is going to be talking about from this episode is the epic fight between Joel and Corey Hall. You could say it started innocently enough, with guest John E.L. Tenney asking about the show’s name change from a few years back. It quickly disintegrates into an argument about pizza toppings, who’s funnier and who needs psychological counseling. This is a loud, expletive filled argument that is absolutely not safe for work so keep that in mind. It also may be really uncomfortable to listen to, but John found it endlessly entertaining so there’s that. Before all that happened the guys broke down TV’s latest “events”, a Peter Pan live musical and a guy getting eaten by a snake, they both sucked, but for different reasons. There’s also analysis of the Dan Klein comedy special, an inside, meta comedy/parody that’s either brilliant or awful or both. Hear that compared to Dan’s actual stand-up comedy and figure out which is worse. Plus, nerd rage over the Star Wars teaser, Interstellar is too long (but still shorter than this show), John on the future of Ghost Stalkers, and opening Xmas presents from the fans – delight or disappointment?



A long-range photo of the Joel Radio studios while recording this week’s episode. The bomb was dropped by John Tenney