This week’s guest has taken time out from Detroit’s open mike scene, rambling about the Detroit Tigers on Facebook, and making little-seen YouTube videos to join Joel and Corey on the show. Kirk is an original thinker with big plans in show business, and if he can survive 90 minutes here, he’ll┬áprobably do just fine in Hollywood. The guys discuss podcasting’s history and Joel and Corey’s place in it, why Corey is sick of horror movies and Kirk’s plans to move to L.A.. Also, the Hulk Hogan sex tape is driving Hulkamaniacs Corey and Kirk wild, but Joel, the show’s pro-wrestling insider, thinks the whole thing is a cheap stunt and offers up evidence why. Plus, Kevin James’s new movie makes no-one smile except Henry Winkler – who got paid for it.


Kirk’s actual business card. Not sure if business is good or not