This week’s episode features some scary stories and a mystery – where’s Corey? – so it’s best that John Tenney sits in to help out any way he can. And Joel’s having troubles, too. Sleeping troubles anyway, as he recounts how his natural sleep aid made him act violently, why he preferred being on prescription meds for insomnia and why he’s not a fan of illicit drugs in this case. John shares his own battles with sleep disorders and how his girlfriends have used his semi-conscious state it to their advantage. Find out why Joel refuses to do a sleep study and get John’s recommendations for some good zzzzs, and not all of them seem like good ideas. Also, Joel reviews the History of The Eagles documentary and Dave Grohl’s new movie Sound City. Joel is a sucker for rock docs, and thinks even if the band sucks, the story can still be good. Plus, John watches the Oscars but not the nominated movies, show friend Harry goes crazy for chicken, and why no podcasters can get their shit together – except Joel.