Weird candies and nasty-flavored chips can mean only one thing – the return of Corey Hall to Joel Radio! Joel has stocked the studio with “test”-flavored Doritos and “Sour Watermelon” Peeps “Minis”. While one host summarily rejects both would-be snacks, the other finds the Peeps quite charming even if they look like dead chick-lings or undersized male (or female) genitalia rather than the robust marshmallow chickens from which they spawned. Hear the full breakdown of the snacks and Joel’s theory about why snack food makers do weird flavors – it’s probably not what you think. There’s also much debate about the changes in late-night TV, as Corey is welcoming Steven Colbert with open arms, while Joel thinks they should have thought outside the box a little more. Ultimately Joel’s suggestion is the worst idea Corey’s ever heard for a late night host, at least since Jimmy Fallon and you’ll never guess who Joel suggests. Plus, Corey reviews Godzilla and Amazing Spider-Man 2, Joel has a must-see music documentary on Netflix, the guys call for an end to movie sequels, and John Turturro lives out every man’s fantasy and makes one of the worst movies ever in the process.



That’s either a worm, a snake, a flaccid penis, a sugary green clitoris, or a baby chicken, but whatever it is, it’s delicious