After being returning from the Gathering of the Juggalos and being sick for a week, Joel Radio returns, largely bolstered by stories of Joel meeting people who became famous twenty to forty years ago. Including Charlie Sheen, who Joel met, attempted to write jokes for, and ultimately failed to help get over to a hostile crowd. Things went better with the legendary MC Hammer, as he and Joel’s mutual admiration ended with pictures and Twitter shoutouts! Corey can’t believe all he’s hearing, including that Vanilla Ice is a nice guy, That Jimmy “J.J.” Walker was funny, or that the Kottonmouth Kings rap about marijuana (OK, he actually believes the last one). Also from the Gathering, Joel makes the press, Ron Jeremy bears gifts, Brian Posehn falls off the wagon and the Iron Sheik lost his mojo. Plus, Corey hates the summer movies, Cedar Point is a time suck, and Joel feeds a buffalo – but not at The Gathering.

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First pic is courtesy of Nate “Igor” Smith. His website contains some of the absolutely best pictures from the Gathering. Check it out!

Upchuck blowing up after Faygo Armageddon!


With MC Hammer and Nuke-Leah. Try as I must,  I can’t look better than Hammer.


Jimmy “J.J.” Walker, Upchuck tha Clown and Ron Jeremy and the weirdest looking threesome ever.


A gift from Ron Jeremy! The price tag was his idea. It’s priceless, this 3/4 empty bottle of rum. Priceless I say!