It’s the return of Corey Hall to cover a wide range of subjects like the deaths of Don Rickles, Jonathan Demme, and Erin Moran, the ongoing scandals at Fox News (including a former guest of this show), and lots more. Joel explains why he’s not participating in the Facebook “Bands I’ve Seen” game, runs down some comedy shows he’s performed at recently and explains why he’s “breaking up” with his celebrity crush because he now has another. Also, Corey on the new MST3K, Marvel and Walking Dead have worn out their welcome, Joel takes another look at Rogue One, The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu is OK, but you’ve seen that before, and HBO’s Crashing nails the comedy stuff but misses with everything else. Plus, a complete guide to seeing quirky comedy actresses naked.


Actress Briga Heelan will be watched weekly by Joel on NBC’s Great News. Bad news is the show sucks