It’s another live night of satand-up comedy from O’Mara’s Irish Pub in Berkley, MI. Joel gets the proceedings going with a new set including his reasoning for why every girl should date him. It takes a long time to get to it, but after jokes about CNN and Oscar Pistorious, Joel’s ridiculous premise pays off with big laughs – it’s funny ’cause it’s true! The laughs keep coming with comedy superstar-to-be Brad Wenzel who’s dry and deadpan delivery always works . Also, seasoned veteran Gary George makes a rare flub that is undoubtebly Joel’s favorite moment of the night, Heather Kozlakowski gets heckled – but not for her previous relationship with Joel – and Hailey Zureich shares an outlandish way for women not to be kidnapped. Plus, sets from Julie Lyons, Ron Lutze, Jibtron Zero, Ben Langworthy, Loyd Digg, Avery Sommerfeld, and the return of Nino Brown, who is unconvinced that Joel does not host The Price Is Right.