Yeah, it’s been a month, but so much has happened you’re being treated to a super-long, jam packed show! Since he last joined you, Joel performed at the annual Gathering of the Juggalos. With this year’s edition being one of the wildest, and most controversial events ever. From Tila Tequila’s stoning, to Gallager’s wackiness, to Tom Green’s appearance and tons of media hanging around, this is one of the year’s most talked about events. Hear Joel’s 1st person behind-the-scenes recap, a must-listen on this week’s Joel Radio. There’s sad news, too, as Joel’s hero and inspiration, comedian Robert Schimmel, dies a ridiculously ironic death. Hear Joel, and guest Corey Hall, recap their memories of Robert and listen to some of his greatest bits. Also, Corey returns from a European vacation with wacky snacks in hand, Piranha 3 doesn’t bite, Scott Pilgrim almost defeats the World, good Fantasy Football names, and Joauqin Phoenix fools no one with his crappy movie. Plus, believe it or not, porn legend Ron Jeremy actually takes the guys’ call, answering a burning question only a sick bastard like Corey could come up with.

Right click here to download – 141 minutes, 65 megs