Joel is blown away by the response of the last episode and has some updates on the whole Roseanne Barr fiasco. Hear about his resistance to go national with the story and how his radio home in Detroit has picked up on the story. He’s joined by Corey Hall and Bill Hildebrandt, the latter back from a comedian’s picnic that the other guys didn’t attend. Why do the “young” comics not hang out with the “old” ones? Why are there open mikes on weekend nights and why do veteran comics not like that? Those important questions get answered on this show. Also, one of the two Amazing Johnathan documentaries gets screened – maybe this wasn’t the “good” one? Plus, Corey’s sushi date, Swamp Thing gets cancelled, Joel tells you the best thing he’s watched all year, Dead To Me is for girls, reviews of Rocketman and Dark Phoenix, too.

Too many clubs. Even on the weekend. Don’t be that guy.