Corey Hall returns on this show, which is good for two reasons: one, it’s Corey and two, it’s not Harry again. Joel explains the last show and why it’s not available anymore on the site, and how he hopes that won’t be the case permanently, even though this was the case one other time. This current show, though has Joel and Corey playing along with the new Match Game, even though it’s not it’s cracked up to be. The guys listen to a lot of bad questions and worse answers and they investigate why modern TV can’t do game shows as good as they used to. Also, Stranger Things gets a full review (and breakdown of influences) from Joel, Corey enjoyed but can’t remember the new Star Trek, and neither one of them has Olympic fever, but Corey will still watch some Judo – if they’ll show it. Plus, more on the great Vice Principals, the difference between an enthusiast book and a mass-market one, and why Hollywood’s wacky beauty standards have made girls that Joel and Corey would kill for the “ugly friend”.



This is a terrible answer but very good advice in case you want to enjoy the new Match Game