There’s nothing worse than a comedian singing. Well, maybe, a singer telling jokes – but either way Joel Radio brings you a definitive list of the worst examples of comedians singing, from straight up, humorless covers, to awful Christmas songs and some of the lamest attempts at rapping ever, you’ll hear it all on this show. Which comic covers the Beatles? Which one hates joke thieves while ripping off Public Enemy? Which one sings about sticking things in his backside? It’s a definitive countdown of the most awful, cringe worthy, humorless songs ever sung by comedians you might actually like otherwise. Joel and Corey are joined by John Tenney, who announces his new TV project, a new take on ghost-hunting shows that’s coming to basic cable very soon. Also, the guys cook up an idea for a comedy reality show, Meredith Viera has a ten-piece band in her living room, and Joel gets a magic trick right – on the second try. Plus, a melancholy goodbye to Joan Rivers, one of comedy’s all-time greats.



This Eddie Murphy song is awful on many levels, but it’s still not the worst one ever……