It’s a breakdown of the 2015 Oscars as Joel and Corey tell you why Neil Patrick Harris “bombed” as host when he actually did just fine, how celebrity assholes in the crowd ruined the performance for Neil and why nobody can seem to do the job well. The guys also reveal why Birdman was an undeserving winner for best picture, the reasons the academy loved it so, and Oscar’s long history of picking the wrong film as the best year after year. They also look into the controversies from the show like the death montage snubs, Wes Anderson’s girlfriend and the idiotic article that followed, and the extremely weird look and behavior of John Travolta – though still not as weird as Michael Cimino. Plus, SNL turns 40 and the reunion was as expected – the funny guys were funny and the guys who weren’t, weren’t. Joel says that’s enough of Fallon and Timberlake, Corey can’t get enough of Bill Murray, and Eddie Murphy has pretty much won the asshole of the year already.



By the look on his face, even Eddie Murphy knows NPH is in trouble here.