It’s said that Super Bowl Sunday is a snapshot of America. If that’s the case, America is a weird, vapid, uninteresting place. Joel and Corey Hall review the game, the commercials and the halftime show – all three elements were equally dull! Then guys also get a call from comedian Sal Demilio to discuss the betting implications of a low-scoring game and how his dream job is, still, to open for Frank Sinatra. Also, Eddie Murphy made so much homophobic comedy in his career Joel can’t keep it straight. Hear the awful examples of what he was up to and why, it seems, no one is outraged today. Plus, True Detective is good and Corey doesn’t care, why comedians hate FuckJerry, the Starbucks CEO runs for president, and Liam Neeson has a particular set of possibly racist skills.

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The actual first track of Eddie Murphy’s debut comedy (not to be confused with the similar name of the first track of his second album)