What’s a modern girl gotta do to make it? That question probably won’t be answered on this episode of Joel Radio, but returning guest comedian Samantha Rager tells of her wacky, hilarious ways of overcoming life’s challenges. Hear how Sam placed a Craigslist ad for an imaginary loved one, and had her car washed away by a recent flood and the scumbag car dealer who ripped her off for a replacement. Also, hear her desire for a professional cuddler, the pitfalls of webcam modeling, and her (possible) interest in the profession of topless housekeeping. It’s always a fun time when Sam’s around, and get a hold of us if you wanna cuddle. Also, Corey finds some wacky old comedy shows on Hulu, John Tenney makes the papers for his TV debut this week, and Joel reviews St. Vincent, The Book of Life and Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day. Plus, very few people have actually watched all of Abbott and Costello’s thirty-six films, but Joel will soon be one of them.



Samantha and her possible new cuddle pimp, Joel