Joel Radio takes on the whole “Blurred Lines”/”Got To Give It Up” controversy this week, and feels, for the most part, that everybody steals a little from everyone and everyone is eventually stolen from. The guys listen to examples like Tom Petty and Sam Smith, The Beatles and Oasis, The Who and One Direction and John Fogerty and himself. While some of these are outrageous thefts, others like Pavement, Nirvana and The Strokes managed to make some terrific music by ripping off their influences, so it’s hard to get too upset. Except for guest John E.L. Tenney, whose pre-parnormal investigating fame 90s grunge band’s song was “borrowed” by a then-unknown Kid Rock, and it still infuriates him to this day. Hear John’s original and Kid’s ripoff and decide for yourself. Also, Corey Hall attends Gilda’s Laughfest in Grand Rapids, reporting on the big shows with Brian Posehn, Bo Burnham, and Pete Holmes. Corey also performed himself, but failed to use the dingy road motel’s amenities to their full potential. Plus, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt hits Netflix and every non-male with a Facebook status seems to love it. Joel watched a few episodes and finds the show harmlessly appealing, but with┬áconfusing sexual politics and jokes that fail more often than not. Perhaps the show reminded him too much of his last few dates. Listen and decide for yourself.



Photoshopping Kid Rock into John Tenney’s 90s band cover art is mean, but exactly how Bob would want it